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Short Term Mentoring Program

Who can be a mentor?
The leadership teacher will invite selected adults from the community to participate as mentors with TEAM School students. Your participation will make a difference in the life of a Cleburne student.

What is required of mentors?
The mentoring program requires about 6-7 hours of your time. You will be asked to meet with your student 4 times. You will be interviewed by the student on 3 separate appointments. At the close of the class, you will be invited to our closing ceremony.

Your student will contact you and make arrangements for the interviews.

A background check will be required for participation in the mentor program.

When does mentoring happen?
Mentoring appointments take place during the school day (8:00 to 3:00). You will be asked to keep one appointment per week for 3 weeks and to attend out class closing ceremony.

Where does mentoring happen?
Appointments can take place at the mentor's workplace, at a public place like a restaurant, or at the TEAM School campus. If possible, it is best to utilize all three of these throughout the mentoring experience.

Mentoring Schedule (Spring 2013)
Initial Contact (phone): Feb. 11 - 15
Students and mentors need to arrange to have three interviews:
February 11 - March 8
Closing Ceremony:
Wednesday, March 27
Call TEAM school on the day of your appointment before coming to make sure your student is here. 817-202-2160

Fax completed documents to 817-202-1489 or